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Trolleys: Once you have unfolded your trolley and attached your bag, you adjust the speed. You can then stop the trolley again using the start/stop button, if you push it again, the trolley will continue at the same speed. Make sure you do not set the speed too high when you use the trolley for the first time.
Batteries: Recharge batteries immediately after use. Do not leave the battery constantly in the charger, this will make the battery "lazy". If the battery is not used for a number of weeks after recharge (e.g.  over the winter period), you must recharge it again within 2 months. Repeat this if necessary. To extend the life expectancy of the battery, it is advisable to only recharge the battery when it is at least 75% empty. So recharge after 9 holes is not beneficial, rather do it after 2 or 3 sets of 9 holes. Make sure you store the battery in a dry and frost-free area when not in use.
Maintenance: Our trolleys are basically maintenance free and it is not necessary to service them if you clean the trolley regularly and the freewheels/axle is greased regularly. Loose screws must however be tightened immediately. Also refer to cleaning!

Rain: Trolleys are rain and splash resistant. However, if the trolley is not used (e.g. during a break) park the trolley inside or under cover.

Cleaning: Wash your trolley regularly with a sponge or old dishwashing brush with lukewarm water and an all-purpose cleaner. Remove dirt and sand to prevent wear and tear. Do not use a high pressure cleaner or air gun for this purpose. Doing that, you will spray dirt and water into the moving parts, causing extra wear and tear. Ensure specifically that the axle and the inside of the rear wheels are cleaned well. If your trolley is equipped with freewheels, lubricate these at least 1x a month with silicone spray with Teflon. Teflon lubricates and silicone repels dirt and water. Do not use ordinary oil or grease for this purpose, this will attract dirt and water.